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These mountain worksheets have been designed to be child friendly and attractive from the outset. In helping to understand more about the geography topic of mountains, these mountain worksheets help develop vocabulary related to the topic. They also go on to look at locating different mountain ranges and understanding what mountain life is like. Free to download and print off today. 

Mountain location worksheet

In these activities, you have to use online mapping tools to find the location of different mountain ranges and mark their location on a map.

This activity offers a great way to incorporate digital literacy in that you can use Google Earth on an iPad or tablet to help you locate the mountain ranges. Similarly, you can use an atlas to help you.

Pupils will learn the names and locations of a variety of mountain ranges.

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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Mountains crossword

geography crossword
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This mountain crossword helps to develop mountain vocabulary and learn what the meanings of mountain words are. Answers can be found here.

What is mountain life like?

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In this activity, we look at the contrasting views people living in the mountains might have about their environment. 

Mountain vocabulary

This mountain vocabulary activity asks you to match up the word with the correct definition or there is an alternative version where you have to write your own definitions. 

For a fun challenge at the end of learning about mountains, why not try to see if you can build up an A - Z of mountain words.

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Glaciers in the mountains

glaciers (2019) (lo-res)_Page_2.jpg
glaciers (2019) (lo-res)_Page_1.jpg
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This activity looks at what glaciers are before going on to look at why they are shrinking. The pupils go on to make a PowerPoint presentation on glaciers.

Mountain animals

mountain animals (2019) (lo=res)_Page_2.
mountain animals (2019) (lo=res)_Page_1.
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In this activity, the pupils learn about the different classifications of endangered animals and then research into an endangered mountain animal and create a poster about it. 

Mountain class display posters
all in pdf_Page_8.jpg
all in pdf_Page_7.jpg
8 pictures
mountain words for class display_Page_04
22 words
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Everything you need for the whole lesson, only £3.00.

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Included in the lesson pack are:

  • Worksheets with answers (where needed)

  • PowerPoint

  • Teacher notes.

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Included in the lesson pack are:

  • Worksheets with answers (where needed)

  • PowerPoint

  • Teacher notes.

Like our worksheets? why not buy the whole pack. 

title page for mountains booklet_Page_1.

In this pack, you will find activity sheets to support 10 different activities, all helping to learn about the mountain environment. These are:

* developing mountain vocabulary.

* Looking at life in the mountains - two viewpoints.

* Mountains crossword.

* An A-Z of mountains.

* Locating mountain ranges on maps.

* Describing the mountain environment.

* Drawing mountain cross-sections.

* Endangered mountain animals.

* Glaciers

It also has:

* The templates to make 4 different mountain formations - hill, knoll, plateau, ridge.

* Mountain themed lined paper.

* Mountain themed groups names.

* Success criteria for two of the activities.

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