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What is environment studies?

environmental geography
Finding solutions to problems is a key part of environment studies.
Definition of environment

The environment is a place or area where a person, plant or animal live. 

It can refer to the natural world in general and often refers to the natural world as it is affected by human activity.

Definition of environment studies

Environmental studies is a close look at the links between people and the natural world and the social world. It involves many different disciplines, for example, science, geography and social studies. It focuses on the complex interactions that lead from one action and its consequences for other parts of the same environment. It concentrates on the impact people have on the world and how the impact can be reduced.

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

The top 10 issues affecting our environment today.

1   Climate change
2   Sea level rise
3   Loss of biodiversity
4   Greenhouse gases
5   Deforestation
6   Desertification
7   Water depletion
8   Radioactive waste management
9   Disappearance of bees
10   Sea pollution
The Sahara desert is growing at an alarming rate. How will this be stopped and can it be reversed?

We had a big debate about which are the top ten environmental issues facing the world today.


What would your top ten be? Have a look at our comprehensive list and choose the ten issues you think are most pressing.

What is climate change?

Climate change is caused by the greenhouse effect. Some chemicals in the air help to trap the sun's energy down on Earth. These chemicals are increasing and so the Earth is getting hotter. 

What are the main greenhouse gases?

In order of size:

Water vapour   H2O

carbon dioxide    CO2

methane   CH4

Nitrous Oxide N2O

Ozone   O3


The greenhouse effect is a naturally occuring phenomenon that helps life to exist on Earth. The problem is that recently it has been strengthening and increasing rapidly in recent years. It shows no sign of slowing down or reversing back to previous norms.

Climate change pictures

A cause: burning fossil fuels

A consequence: melting ice

A solution: electric cars

Here we can see one of the causes and consequences of climate change. What other causes and consequences can you think of? 

Environmental studies looks at the impact people have on our environment at a range of different scales. It examines a wide number of issues from climate change and global warming which affect the whole world to overgrazing, which can affect a small field. In studying the list of environmental issues that face our planet today, environmental studies not only aims to examine closely the causes and the effects behind the environmental issues but also come up with solutions as to how impacts can be mitigated and eliminated. To put it simply, Environmental studies looks at how people damage the planet and how it can be saved in the future.


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