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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Making 3D maps

Geography projects | 3d map school project

This high quality example comes from the geoblox website and we love that this map continues in 3D under the sea. A great example of 3D maps that can be made as a geography project to learn about the shape of the land.

Make a pizza box 3D map project.

KS2 Geography | geography projects | 3d map project ideas

This is genius because it makes everyone happy.

  • Pupils can transport their projects to school easily.

  • Teachers can still staple the projects to the wall for display.

  • And parents can source the card easily

- and you get to eat pizza. Now who cannot be happy with this.


For more on this great idea, visit this website.  

Make a 3D map as a class.

geography project | map making for kids | 3d maps for kids

These 3D maps are relatively easy to make by a whole class in one lesson. And there are complete instructions on how to make this map here. We would like to thank the teacher that created this idea, it is certainly one of our favourites. 


For more on this wonderful idea, visit this website.

Making a living 3D map with cress.

This 3D map needs time for the cress to grow, but once it has, your map will have a living, breathing quality all of its own. 

Visit here to find a full set of instructions and lists of equipment needed to make these maps. 

You could make living world maps, or how about a map of a particular country? 

cress world map.jpg

Make a 3D map of a particular place ...                                       ... or of a familiar shape.

geography projects
geography ideas for kids | geography project ideas | geography project models
map making for kids | 3d map project ideas

This is an excellent example of a 3D map of Australia and it comes from the Montessori website which comes complete with instructions on how to make a 3D map of your own. 

This map is made from salt dough and if you follow through to the website, you can see how to make the salt dough, and how to make 3D map.

For a bit of fun, why not have a theme to your 3D map. For example, you could make a dolphin shaped 3D map like the one seen here.

Making a 3D map to show height with layer shading.

Geography project | making 3d maps | map activities for middle school
making 3 Dimensional maps for kids | making a 3d map for school project
web ad 4 - maps.jpg

Make a 3D map in school using layer shading.

You can make a generic 3D map of an area to indicate how layer shading indicates height on a map or you can make a 3D map of a specific landform to indicate how that landform would look like using later shading and contour lines to indicate height.

3D map model | 3D map project ideas

Included in the no-prep lesson are four templates, one Powerpoint and one set of teacher notes. 

Cick on the image below to download the template to make these land formations. 

3D map project
3D map model
3d maps for kids | 3d map making | making 3d maps
3D landform models | 3D map ideas
Download free geography worksheet
Download full lesson (2019) ii.jpg
Here we have collected the best examples of 3D maps in model making to inspire you to make a 3D map of your own. These models are made mostly using cardboard which is cut out and stuck in layers to make the rising shape of the land. Want to take this idea further? Why not make specific land features in your 3D maps, for example, why not make an escarpment, a valley or a knoll.


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