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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

4 figure grid references

Four figure grid references (2021)_Page_1.jpg
Four figure grid references (2021)_Page_2.jpg

This activity combines learning about 4 figure grid references with looking at a map of Kenya and learning about Kenyan animals. It is free to download and print off for use in schools and at home.

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Reading aerial photographs and maps of the same area

Interpreting aerial photographs (2021)_Page_1.jpg
Interpreting aerial photographs (2021)_Page_2.jpg

Here we look at an aerial photograph and a map of the same area. This activity asks you to identify names of roads and features on the aerial photo using the map to help you. This is an important geography skill that is underserved by the mainstream resource makers so we hope you find this worksheet useful.

Why not make
a 3D map.

Showing direction on a map

Showing direction on maps UK (2021)_Page_1.jpg
Showing direction on maps UK (2021)_Page_2.jpg

This activity focuses on developing map skills, chiefly, using direction to locate features on a map. It uses a map of the UK with the major cities on as its base so you become familiar with how touse direction with a map whilst also learning where the major cities of the UK and Northern Ireland are. 

Using an atlas to identify features

Using an atlas - Kenya (2021).jpg

Using an atlas is an important skill in Geography and this activity asks you to use an atlas to find the locations of Kenya's neighbouring countries. It also tests your ability to locate cities and Kenya's longest river, the Tana river. 

Given a set of directions, can you follow them towards a goal?  This activity asks you to find some treasure located at the end of a long set of instructions.

Following routes

on a map

Following routes on maps (2021)_Page_1.jpg

UK or GB? Can you tell which is which?

What is in a name (2021)_Page_1.jpg
What is in a name (2021)_Page_2.jpg

Can you tell the difference between the British Isles, the United Kingdom and Great Britain? Did you think they were all the same thing? Luckily, this activity helps you to learn which countries comprise each different name.  This activity then goes on to look at the UK in more detail.

UK geography worksheet
Alpha-numeric grid references (2021).jpg

Alpha-numeric grid references

Before moving on to four figure grid references, it is best to learn alpha-numeric grid references to become familiar with the concept. This mapping activity looks at plotting Mexico's cities on to a map of Mexico. It is aimed at 6-7 year olds (Year 2 or Grade 1).

Using latitude and longitude

In this activity, we look at locating famous world volcanoes on a world map using their latitude and longitude co-ordinates. 18 famous volcanoes are listed and the map is large to allow lots of space to locate the volcanoes. We recommend using a pencil for the first few volcanoes so that you can easily correct mistakes. Also printing it in A3 makes the activity easier. 


locating famous volcanoes
volcano worksheet for kids | volcano worksheets for middle school | volcano worksheets for KS2

Using Google Earth to locate geographical features

locating mountain ranges
mountains worksheet
locating mountains in europe
geography worksheets

Here we look at developing our digital literacy skills through using Google Earth on our tablet PCs to locate these geographical features. This activity offers a great way to learn how to use Google Earth or similar online mapping software. 


Identifying and making map symbols

Here we learn what map symbols are and why we use them. In this activity you will design 10 symbols of your own for different objects and then go on identify a further 18 map symbols. There is an answer key to help. 


Map symbols (2021)_Page_1.jpg
Map symbols (2021)_Page_2.jpg

Marking features on a map.

In this activity, the pupils have to use an atlas or an online mapping software like Google Earth to identify the 15 longest rivers in the World on the map. The pupils develop their locational knowledge of rivers and for an extension activity, the pupils can list the seas and oceans that each river flows into. The answers are provided on page two of the PDF. 

locating the world's major rivers | river worksheet

Using an online atlas to identify features.

locating the world's major rivers | river worksheet

Here the pupils have to identify the correct location of the longest rivers in the British Isles. One good method our students used to locate the correct location of these rivers was to use Google images and type in searches like 'River Nene map'. There are notes to the teachers on the last page of the Answers sheet.

rivers worksheet | geography worksheets | river worksheets ks2
rivers worksheet | geography worksheets | river worksheets ks2

Make a map of an

imaginary area

In this mapping activity, the pupils apply the skills they have learnt to make their own map of an imaginary place. The worksheet gives an example of what a map might look like and it also lists the key features needed to make a good map. The map skills worksheet comes with some blank templates for drawing your imaginary map on if you wish. There are four blank templates to choose from.

make a map template
design your own map
cross-section worksheet
blank map worksheet
cross-section worksheet

Make a cross-section of a geographical feature

This activity eschews the geography tradition of making a cross section of a river valley and asks you to make a cross section of an ice sheet. This has a number of benefits whilst also learning about glaciers and ice sheets. It develops the relatively difficult skill of making cross-sections. It also helps to point out how much ice is locked away in the Greenland ice sheet and it then helps to explain why the sea level will rise so much of the greenland ice sheet were to melt. So this is glaciers, map skills and environmental studies all in one.

geography worksheets | cross section worksheet

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Buy our maps mega bundle!

geography quiz | geography test | map test
geography quiz | geography test | map test

Included in our map skills mega bundle are:

map skills cover2 - small.jpg
40 map skills worksheets, full colour, with answer keys.
Map skills quiz for 7-9 year
olds, full colour, with
answer key.
geography quiz | geography test | map test
geography quiz | geography test | map test
Map skills class displays
geography quiz | geography test | map test
Full list learning objectives
download our map skills pack2_Page_1ii.j
download our map skills pack2_Page_2iii.jpg

40 Activity pages in full colour with

answer keys

  • Showing direction on a map (UK / USA / Australia versions)

  • Identifying symbols

  • Following routes

  • Make a map of an imaginary area

  • Using an atlas to identify key geographical features

  • Alpha-numeric grid references (Map of Mexico)

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map skills cover2 - small.jpg
  • 4 figure grid references (Basic and Map of Canada)

  • Using latitude and longitude

  • Mark on a map the location of major rivers and mountains

  • Using Online Map software to identify features.

  • Identify features on aerial photo using a map of same area.

  • Making a cross section - Basic

  • Making a cross section - Advanced (Greenland ice cap)

  • Make a choropleth map – (Indian rainfall)

  • Make a 3D map

  • Make a field sketch

  • UK mapping activity

  • Identifying countries from their outlines.

download our map skills activities (2022) i.jpg
download our map skills pack2_Page_3ii.j
download our map skills activities (2022) ii.jpg
When teaching map skills, having high quality resources is a must to help pupils understand map reading skills you wish them to develop. Here we have gathered all our map skills worksheets for you to use. They are free to download and print off and they are colourful in design and child friendly, making them a valuable free geography resource for you to use. Why not download and print off one worksheet today and enjoy learning about map skills. 


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