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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Facts about America

North America map
Where is America
Geography map of north america | geography of america | american geography

The United States is located in the continent of North America, North of Mexico and South of Canada. It stretches from the Atlantic in the East to the Pacific in the west. 

american geography for kids

Population of America

The population of America is 321,368,864  (Jul 2015 estimate). It is the 3rd largest population in the world. America has a large population with an even larger land mass and so the population density in America is very low. It is the 182nd most densely populated country in the world. 

Land area

The United States covers an area of 9,833,517sq km making it the third largest country in the world. It is roughly the same size as China and the United States. It is half the size of Russia and three tenths the size of Africa. 

Languages of America

English is spoken by 79% of the population with next most popular language being Spanish (13%) and other European languages, (4%) followed by languages from Asia (3%) amongst others. The United States does not have an official language but some of the states have decreed that English is the first language. 

Capital city of America

The capital city of America is Washington DC, which has a population 672,000 people living in its federal district. This makes it the 25th largest city in America.

geography of america

The White House in Washington DC

National Flag of America

Dating back to 1775, there have been over twenty different versions of the flag of the United States. The reason the flag keeps changing is the symbolism represented by the stars and stripes. The thirteen stripes represent the British colonies who declared independence giving birth to a nation. The stars represent the states and territories of the United States and the flag kept changing as more states joined the union.

stars and stripes

National day

America celebrates Independence day every year on the 4th July. It recognises the date that the thirteen American colonies adopted the declaration of Independence on the 4th July in 1776. 


In America, the American Dollar is used for currency. 

Time zone

Being such a large country, it comes as no surprise that America has six time zones. Some states choose to observe daylight saving time and some do not so there can be wide variety in the times between states. The day on which daylight saving time is started is the same in all states. 


America's large size means that it has a very varied climate ranging from tropical in Florida and Hawaii to Arctic in Alaska. Whilst mostly temperate, the United States is semi-arid in the great plains to the west of the Mississippi river and arid in the Great Basin in the Southwest. Low winter temperatures in the North can sometimes be altered by the warm chinook winds coming off the Rocky Mountains. 

time zone map of america
us currency

Images  of the United States

images of america | usa pictures

The United States has 58 national parks and 23 World Heritage sites. A wide variety of different environments can be found in the national parks. 

Maps of the United States

usa map

This map of the different states of America is colourful and child friendly. We have a wide range of different maps that are free to download and use today to help you with your studies. 

Facts about The United States

Geography of america

Houston is one of the fastest growing major cities in America. And Texas is home to three of the top ten fastest growing cities in the US. 

Top 10 largest cities in America*

1   New York                                      8,244,000

2   Los Angeles                                3,819,000

3   Chicago                                        2,707,000

4   Houston                                       2,145,000

5  Philadelphia                               1,536,000

6   Phoenix                                        1,469,000

7   San Antonio                                1,359,000

8   San Diego                                     1,326,000

9   Dallas                                              1,223,000

10 San Jose                                           967,000


*as measured by the population that lives in the incorported cities. 

Large companies in America

America is home to many of the largest companies in the world when measured by revenue.


1   Walmart                         $485 billion

2   ExxonMobil                 $268 billion

3   Apple                              $235 billion

4   Berkshire Hathaway   $195 billion

5   McKessen                      $179 billion

6   Philips 66                     $161 billion

7   General Motors         $152 billion

8   General Electric       $149 billion

9   Ford                                $144 billion

10  CVs Health                 $139 billion


Source: Wikipedia

Space exploration

The United States has the largest space industry in the world spending more than the next 25 countries combined.

America has launched over 1100 payloads into space and has a large satellite manufacturing and delivery industry.

The average family unit in America has 1.87 children.

Life expectancy is relatively high. The 43rd highest in the world. Life expectancy 

               for men is 77.3 years

               for women is 82 years

Source CIA factbook

geography of america
USA geography
suburban american home

A typical home in the suburbs will be two storeys

tall, have space for a garage and a garden.

Urban or Rural?

82% of the population are considered urban living in the towns and cities. 

Transport in the United States

Due to the large size of the country, America has the world's longest road network, the world's longest rail netowrk and the world's largest air travel market. Car ownership is often essential with 92% of people commuting to work by car. 

Source: Economist 

Shopping in California
Family life in America 
Pregerson Interchange, LA
Service industries in America

The service industries, as in many modern economies, accounts for 78% of what the country produces. The largest segment here is retail, employing 10% of the people in work. The next largest sectors are hotels and restaurants 8% and professional services 6%. 

Source: Wikipedia

A suburban American home.

Videos for school - United States

The American National anthem.

Fascinating facts about the White House

In this topic, we look at the geography of America. We look at facts about America and images of America and we learn where the United States is. We go on to find out more about the US through the use of interesting images of America and this pages leads on to more colourful resources and information all designed to help you learn about the Geography of America. Lets read on to find out more about what makes America such a wonferful country to learn about.
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