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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Where is Kenya? 

Kenya worksheets | geography of Kenya | kenya worksheets for kids

Using an atlas is an important skill in Geography and this activity asks you to use an atlas to find the locations of Kenya's neighbouring countries. It also tests your ability to locate cities and Kenya's longest river, the Tana river. It is up to date as well in that it recognises Sudan has new separated into two different countries. 

Kenyan worksheets | Geography of Kenya

Kenyan Climate Worksheet

This activity looks at developing the geography skill of reading climate graphs. It compares the climate data for London with that of Nairobi. The questions come in three different levels of ability and the worksheet lends itself well to teachers extending the activity with more challenger style questions.

free download | geography skills - reading a climate graph
Kenya worksheets | geography of Kenya | geography skills - reading a climate graph

What are Maasai homes like?

This is a sequencing activity which looks at how Maasai homes are made. The first page of the worksheet looks at some background information and the second page of the activity has some images of the different stages of the house being built. There are also some statements that match up with the pictures. This could be adapted to challenge the more able by asking the more able to write their own descriptions. 

Kenya activities for kids | kenya printables | learning about kenya
printable kenya activity | kenya activities for kids | teaching about kenya
Kenya KS2

4 figure grid references

Kenya for kids worksheets | geography worksheets

This activity combines learning about 4 figure grid references with looking at a map of Kenya and learning about Kenyan animals. It is free to download and print off.

Kenyan Animals word search

This word search asks you to find 24 different kenyan animals and when the animals have been found, the letters that have been left spell out the words to the name of the Kenyan National Anthem. It is free to download, just click on the image.

Kenya's geography | kenya activities for kids

Kenya fact file

In this activity, you build up a fact file of the major geographic information of Kenya and record it in an easy to understand and colourful record sheet. All the information to complete the activity can be found at our geography of Kenya webpage. 

kenya fact file | kenya factfile

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Colour in Kenyan flag activity

Kenya worksheet | colour in kenyan flag | color in kenyan flag | kenyan activities for kids

There are two activities here depending on your needs. The first activity is a .jpg of a kenyan flag which you can print off and colour in. In addition, there is a worksheet full of information about the flag of Kenya  and a blank Kenyan flag for you to colour in. 

color in Kenyan flag | kenyan flag activity

Did you know?

Flamingoes often stand on one leg and no-one is really sure why?

Learning ideas to inspire. These geography activities and geography worksheets are great for making the teaching and learning of Geography creative, fun and effective. You can download these kenya worksheets for free on this page and they are suitable for use in school or at home.


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