Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Our new textbook  -  All about Kenya

Packed full of information and facts.
Wide range of
pupil activities
to complete.
Covers many aspects of Geography under one theme.
Lots of Geographical skills covered.
Extensive use of ICT in teaching methods.
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Paperback version

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eBook version

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Our new textbook  -  All about Kenya





     Extensive use of  geographical skills      included in


Frequent use of 


Wide range of

activities to complete

African animals | KS2 Geography | Geography of Kenya

Our eBook version

  • Perfect for using on a tablet or a laptop in schools.

  • High resolution images are all zoomable.

  • 20% can be downloaded for free as a sample copy.

  • Pupils can purchase a copy to have at home. 

  • Available from the Google play store and viewable on a wide range of tablets, laptops, PCs and your mobile phone!

  • Viewable on the ipad through the Google Play Books App.

What is covered?
  • Where is Kenya?

  • How is it conected?

  • What is the landsape like?

  • What is the weather like?

  • Kenyan animals.

  • kenyan homes.

  • Rural and Urban Kenya.

  • The Maasai People.

  • A day in the life.

  • Kenya's flag

  • Kenyan Language.

  • Kenyan farming.

  • Sustainable development.

  • Decision making exercise.

  • Kenya factfile.

  • Similarities & differences.

  • Tourism in Kenya.

What geographic skills are covered?
What IT skills are covered?
  • Reading climate graphs.

  • Four figure grid references.

  • Making landscape sketches.

  • Using geographic vocabulary.

  • Using secondary sources.

  • Making annotated diagrams.


  • Using photo editing software.

  • Making photo collages.

  • Using webcams.

  • Using the internet to find information.


What cross-curricular subjects are covered?
  • Maths - Reading graphs

  • Maths - Using coordinates

  • English - Using a thesaurus

  • English - Using paragraphs

  • Art - drawing landscapes


What command words are used?
  • Mark and name

  • Choose and explain

  • Describe 

  • Suggest

  • Sequence 

  • Define

  • Annotate

  • Compare

  • Summarize

  • Shade and name

  • Explain


After a year's worth of writing and being trialled in seven different classrooms, the team here at 3D Geography are very proud to announce our first ever geography textbook! This has been a collaborative effort and many year's of teaching experiences went into devising a textbook which will help our pupils to learn. Filled with practical activities, geographical skills and a host of cross-curricular activites, we are sure you will love our new textbook and find it a valuable learning tool. 


book cover - low res

book cover - low res

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Page iii - Contents page

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