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Outline of this lesson:

  • This lesson looks starts off with a quick video from YouTube explaining what glaciers are.
  • The lesson goes on to examine what is happening to glaciers around the world (shrinking) and what some of the reasons for this are.
  • The pupils are set the task to create a Slides / PowerPoint presentation all about glaciers with an activity sheet provided to help pupils structure their work.
  • Pupils have to research into ways in which they can reduce their CO2 footprint and they share these with the class in a discussion.
  • There is a plenary activity and some success criteria for teachers that like to use them.


This lesson comes complete with:

  • Activity sheet
  • PowerPoint
  • Teacher notes
  • Success criteria for the pupils.
  • plenary activity

Mountains complete lesson 2 - Glaciers

  • Zip file

  • 6.3 MB

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