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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Australian cities - word search

australia word search | australia ks2 | worksheets on australia

This is a fun activity which helps you to learn the top 20 most populous cities in Australia. Word search activities also help with spelling.


This activity comes complete with answer key.

geography worksheet

Australian cities - showing direction

australia map worksheet | australia ks2 | mapping skills worksheet australia

This activity has a child friendly map of Australia with the cities marked on. You develop your understanding of direction by finding out which cities in Australia lie in which direction from each other. The more able can go on to make their own direction sentences using the map to help them. 

australia ks2 | australia worksheets for middle school

Australian Geography fact file

In this activity, you build up a fact file of geography facts all about the country of Australia. All the information to complete this fact file can be found at our web page:

This makes a great start to a topic and can be completed using tablet PCs, computers in school or at home. 

australia worksheets for middle school | geography of australia worksheets
australia worksheet for kids | volcano worksheets for middle school | australia worksheets for KS2

Using an atlas to find the location of...

australia worksheet | australia map worksheet | map of australia worksheet

Here we learn about the national flag of Australia; what colours it is; what the different segments represent and what other flags are similar to it. You can have fun colouring in the flag of Australia. 

In this activity, we use an atlas to find out where the different Australian, states, territories and cities are located. 

Colour in Australian flag

australia worksheets for kids | worksheet on australia

Travelling to Australia

This activity which has designed for use by pupils in UK Year Two (Australia - Year One / USA- Grade One) is an open ended task where the pupils have to think of, list and draw all the things that they might need if they were to go on holiday to Australia. 

australia worksheet | australia ks1 | mapping skills worksheet australia

Australian animals worksheets

These activities looks at the animals that live in Australia. From the animals that are unique to Australia like the kangaroo and the koala, to the animals  which are found in 

Australia and elsewhere, like the crocodile. You can have fun learning about the animals that live in Australia. 

australian animals ks2
australian animals ks2

Australian animals

word search

australian animals ks2
These worksheets on Australia are focused on the Geography of Australia and they are free to download, print off and use today. You can use these Australia worksheets in schools or at home and they are colourful and well designed. They help you to develop your map skills whilst also learning about what animals live in Australia and about the Australian flag.


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