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Making a model of an mountain is an excellent way to understand the processes involved in the formation of mountains. We have collected some excellent examples of models of mountains to inspire you to think of your own model ideas and make your own model of a mountain. If you make a great mountain model, why not take a photo and share it with us! 

Mountain models

Mountain models can be made from a variety of things, like plasticine in this picture. 

mountain geography

Making models can be an excellent opportunity for collaborative working. 

making a mountain model
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Formation of fold mountains

This model of fold mountains comes from the RGS website and clicking on the picture of the model will take you to their website where there are lots of resources for learning about mountains.

landscape model making for school project

Mountain formation diagrams

mountain models

These landform models have mountains but also include a number of other landscape features, for example, rivers, lakes and hills. 

How do mountains affect the weather?

the seven peaks mountain model

Asking pupils to make models is a creative way to learn more about mountains, and then asking pupils to speak to the rest of the class about their model is a good way to develop a pupil's speaking and listening skills.

school project on making mountain models

One good task that you could make is models of the seven peaks - the highest mountains on each continent. 

How different types of mountains are formed.

mountain model
mount fuji model making

This professional model of Mount Fuji overs a novel way of making mountain models. 

This mountain model from the Geoblox website shows what happens to landscapes when they meet the sea.  

mountain model for sale
mountain models

These professionally made models offer ideas for making your own models. You could make a mountain model of a particular mountain, like the Matterhorn, or a mountain range like these mountains in Alaska. 

mountain model - matterhorn.jpg
mount fuji model.jpg

How about these wonderful cardboard models.

These models can be purchased from the Etsy website for very reasonable prices. The Matterhorn model is £2.23 and the Mount Fuji model is £7.59. Also available are a model of Uluru and a model of Mount St Helens. We like them so much that we have added them to our list of models worth sharing. Click on the image to take you to the website.   

Please note - The 3D Geography website does not profit from this promotion.

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
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