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Ideas to inspire. These pop-up models are great for making the teaching and learning of Geography more creative, fun and effective. These pop up activities are great for the kinaesthetic learners in the class and you can download the free pop up activity templates on this page too. 
make a geography model | geography for kids | make a globe
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Pop-up river drainage basin

This excellent idea of labelling a pop-up drainage basin is a great way of bringing the topic alive. The children have to label 8 parts on the drainage basin and it can be completed in class or as homework. 

Top teaching tip - make 3 or 4  of these drainage basins and stick them together to make an island which could be part of a display in the classroom plus a useful cheap tool for explaining what watersheds are. 

3D geography rivers | KS3 Geography | KS2 Geography rivers

Weather activities for kids

beaufort scale | wind speed chart
beaufort scale | wind speed chart

This weather worksheet looks at the Beaufort Wind force scale and it is double sided. When it is closed, you can see pictures of the different wind force levels. When it is open, you can see a space to write in the wind speed and descriptions for each of the different levels. Plus our Beaufort Scale webpage will give you all the information you need to complete the activity.

volcano worksheet for kids | volcano worksheets for middle school | volcano worksheets for KS2

Pop-up population density 

Continuing with the pop up theme, we have made this model to help pupils understand the difference between densely populated and sparsely populated. There are two templates, the first which is the pop up part, this is best printed on to card. We recommend 170 gsm or thereabouts. The second template, whch is best printed on to paper, is the worksheet which the pupils stick in their book.

Top making tip:

For the pop up to work, the pupils must make sure the blue line down the middle of the page is right in the fold of the book. 


3D geography rivers | KS3 Geography | KS2 Geography rivers


Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
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