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Facts about Population

World’s largest built up areas

1     Tokyo, Japan                      37,126,000
2    Jakarta, Indonesia           26,063,000
3    Seoul, South Korea          22,547,000
4    Delhi, India                          22,242,000
5    Shanghai, China               20,860,000
6    Manila, Philippines        20,767,000
7    Karachi, Pakistan            20,711,000
8    New York, USA                  20,464,000
9    Sao Paulo, Brazil             20,186,000
10  Mexico City, Mexico       19,463,000

population geography | worlds biggest cities | biggest city in the world

Tokyo's Shinjuku area with Mount Fuji in the background.

World’s largest cities proper

1     Shanghai, China              17,836,000
2     Istanbul, Turkey            13,854,000
3     Karachi, Pakistan          12,991,000
4    Mumbai, India                 12,478,000
5     Tehran, Iran                     12,223,000
6     Moscow, Russia              11,977,000
7      Beijing, China                  11,716,000
8     Sao Paulo, Brazil           11,376,000
9     Tianjin, China                  11,090,000
10   Guanzhou, China          11,070,000

population geography | worlds biggest cities | biggest city in the world

Shanghai's Pudong area, home to many of China's tallest skyscrapers.

Largest cities in the UK 

1     London                                  7,200,000
2     Birmingham                            992,000
3     Leeds                                          720,000
4    Glasgow                                    560,000
5     Sheffield                                    512,000
6     Bradford                                  467,000
7     Edinburgh                               450,000
8     Liverpool                                440,000
9     Manchester                             420,000
10   Bristol                                         380,000

population geography | top 10 largest cities in the UK

London dates back its history over 2000 years and is home to many worldwide institutions.

Population pyramids



population geography | population worksheet | KS3 geography


can we live?

Geography images - Population vocabulary

Population Geography | population words | population vocabulary

Population density maps

A population density map of the UK.

A population density map of China.

A population density map of the US.

Videos for school - Population

As one student put it, this video on population is the best thing that they ever saw in their education to date. Funny, clever, thought provoking and turning a lot of conventionally held views on their head.

An excellent video on religion and birth rates that challenges some commonly held beliefs about the population of the world and how it will develop over the next 40 years.

Population images

images of population | population pictures

From densely populated areas and the consequences of living in densely populated areas... 

population pictures

... to sparsely populated areas and the reasons why these areas have low populations. We have a wide selection of population images that you can use to make your presentations / class work / home work more visual and interesting.

This topic is  about people. It is about where they live, how many people there are and why they live where they do. It looks at population facts like which are the largest cities in the world? And it goes on to look at what will happen to the population of the world in the future? It asks the question, will we continue to grow in numbers exponentially? Or will the population of the world reach a peak in the future. Are you looking for more information to help you with your understanding? Then see below for a collection of thought provoking images, videos and population facts to help you understand more about population geography. 


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