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Making a model of an earthquake is an excellent way to understand the processes involved in plate tectonics and the formation of earthquakes. We have collected some excellent examples of models of earthquakes to inspire you to think of your own model ideas and make your own model of an earthquake. If you make a great earthquake model, why not take a photo and share it with us!

Make an earthquake model

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This earthquake model can be downloaded for free, printed off on to card, cut out, stuck together and used as a wonderful demonstration of what happens in earthquakes and how

earthquakes are formed.

It comes from the genius

model makers at Canon

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Earthquake model made from lego and playdough.

This earthquake model idea helps demostrate how the underlying tectontic plates can move whilst the upper soil layer, being more elastic, gets contorted during an earthquake movement. Plus making any model out of Lego is always fun. We are guessing the Lego earthquake engineers are an optional item in this model?! But needless to say, this earthquake model is awesome.

Make an earthquake model.

This model of an earthquake helps to explain the difference between epicentre and focus extremely well and it is quick and easy to make. It comes as a black and white print out which you can add colour to. It is from the Geoblox website which has a host of wonderful model ideas for helping with the understanding of Geography.


Visit the Geoblox website here:


earthquake science project

Understanding plate tectonics

This demonstration, helps explain how the build up of friction occurs gradually but is released in an instant. Thus causing the earth shuddering movements we know as earthquakes. It is from a webpage on how to make an earthquake model for kids found on the website. 

More earthquake model ideas using Jelly(UK) / Jello(US)

Challenge: design a home that is earthquake proof.

These geography models aim to look at how sturdy different buildings are during earthquakes. The Jelly represents the soft, shaking ground and the buildings are made from toothpicks and mini marshmallows. A little shaking of the tray enables you to see how strong your home is.

Plate tectonics models

These teconic plate models help to explain the different features found in the different types of plate boundary. An effective model using simple concrete blocks to represent the tectonic plates and pictures to represent the consequences of movement, this model offers a great way to explain and understand how earthquakes are formed. 

earthquake project | earthquake model making

Make a model seismograph

This earthquake model helps you to measure earthquakes and it is a model of a simple seismograph, recording the shaking ground on the roll of paper. For complete instructions, cliuck on the photo below to take you to the teach engineering website that it came from. 

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Liquefaction model

This earthquake model helps you to understand the process of liquefaction. It is a great way to have a practical lesson, whilst using technology to record your before and after pictures before typing up your explanations. 

Geography images | volcano pictures | volcano erupting


Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
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