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Geography models - Rivers. These geography models all have the aim of being creative and ideas that inspire. They offer great visual aids to learning Geography. Why not make a river model today. 


Pop-up river drainage basin

This excellent idea of labelling a pop-up drainage basin is a great way of bringing the topic alive. The children have to label 8 parts on the drainage basin and it can be completed in class or as homework. 

Top teaching tip - make 3 or 4  of these drainage basins and stick them together to make an island which could be part of a display in the classroom plus a useful cheap tool for explaining what watersheds are. 

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Soil erosion model in the classroom

water erosion model | river model | river model making for kids

This wonderful model comes from an excellent website in Italy and there are complete instructions on how to make this model on their website. You can click on the picture to take you to the website where the instructions show you how to make this model. It shows how the erosion of water over land with different levels of vegetation cover has an effect on water runoff. 

Lesson idea - Make a 3D river erosion model

Seeing how rivers shape the land is much easier to see when you can watch it eroding in real time. These models, whilst expensive, about £300, are worth it for the effective learning they produce.

Geography for kids | geography model - river erosion

3D V-Shaped valley

Making Geography visual, creative and tactile really helps to bring the subject alive for the students. Through the activities and links on this website, we aim to help you deliver outstanding lessons to your pupils. These activities will help the pupils to learn and also help the pupils to have fun along the way. 

Geography for kids - V-Shaped valley model

Lesson idea - Make a 3D River Basin model

This model has to rate as the most amazing 3D Geography model that we have seen at here at It was made by the talented pupils at Bruntcliffe School and if you click on the photo, it will take you to their website where they tell you how to make it. Two massive thumbs up from us.

lesson idea | Geography for kids | geography model - make a river basin

Geography project idea - Make a 3D River Basin model

geography project idea | Geography for kids | geography model - make a river basin | river model

We like this model of a river system because it has neatly labelled features on it and it has the opportunity to combine knowledge of showing heights on maps using layer shading. It has been produced by the pupils at Kellett Secondary school and we say good job guys.

make a river basin
make a river basin

This model comes complete with instructions on how to make it. It comes from the Crayola website and it offers a good option for labelling the key features of wateralls.

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
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