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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Indian cities - word search

indian word search | india wordsearch ks2

This is a fun activity which helps you to learn the top 20 most populous cities in India. Word search activities also help with spelling.


We have had a number of requests for answer sheets to our activities and this has one included. 

worksheet download for free

India's climate - Drawing climate graphs

india worksheets | worksheet for use when teaching about india

This activity looks at the climate of Delhi and Mumbai. It first asks you to read the climate graph of Delhi before you tgo on to make a climate graph using the climate data of Mumbai. Having completed your graph, you go on to analyse the 

india worksheet

two graphs, making comparisons between the two climate graphs.

geography worksheet

Travelling to and from India

mapping activity for India geography
teaching resources for india geography

This activity involves developing the map skill of marking routes on maps and looks at how you would travel between Europe and India. It then goes on to evaluate the different advantages and disadvantages of different types of transport.

Make a choropleth map

india worksheets for middle school

Here, we learn how to make a choropleth map to show Indian average rainfall. The darker colours indicate heavier rainfall and the lighter colours indicate lighter rainfall. They are quite tricky to do well and involve an understanding of shading. 

A finished example

average india rainfall | indian rainfall choropleth map

The first time that you make a choropleth map can be quite difficult to understand and having an example of a finished map does help 

Indian rivers unscramble

This is a well designed and fun geography activity where you have to unscramble the letters to make the names of the major Indian rivers.

To help you with spelling and to give you a little clue, the names of the rivers are included on the worksheet written faintly along the sides.

Having deciphered all the names of the major Indian rivers, you could go on to conduct

research into one

of the rivers and

find out ten facts

about it. 

india river worksheet

India - Fact File

This activity asks you to complete a fact file about India with given headings all set out to guide and help you. All the information can be found at our web page on the Geography of India:

india factfile worksheet | india worksheets and activities

India video comprehension

This activity asks the pupils to watch ten short video clips of 1-5 minutes long and then to think of a good question to ask, complete with answers, based on what they have just seen. 


Pupils can then test their friends to see if their friends can answer their questions. 


This is a good way to use tablet PCs / iPads in the classroom. All the videos can be found in order at:

india worksheet for kids

Why not buy the whole set?

This booklet contains 13 different maps and is a perfect resource for helping to teach and learn all about the Geography of India in schools or at home.

There are: Blank maps, outline maps, maps of the states of India, maps of Indian cities. There are also thematic maps including the climatic regions of India, the population density map of India and maps highlighting the rivers of India.

india worksheets
worksheets on india

India Geography teaching pack

If you like our maps,why not buy the worksheets and class displays to go with them. You can get all three teaching resources in one pack saving 25% off the individual prices.

In this teaching pack, you will find:

Maps  - 13 maps of India

Worksheets - 7 activities

Displays - 13 posters.

india worksheets for use in schools
india class displays
maps of india for use in schools


These worksheets on India concentrate on the Geography of India and are free to download, print off and use today. You can use these India worksheets in schools or at home and they are colourful and well designed. We hope you enjoy using them and we are continually adding new resources all the time so please check back to see our recently added worksheets. They come complete with answer keys. 
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