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These rainforest worksheets have been created or selected for their high quality of design and ability to appeal when teaching and learning about rainforests. They are free to download and use in schools and at home and they offer an excellent teaching resource for studying the topic of rainforests. We are adding new resources all the time so be sure to check back next year for even more resources. 

Locate the Amazon rainforest on to a map using a satellite image.

amazon rainforest mapping activity

In this activity, we look at a composite satellite image of South America and use the satellite image to help us mark on the location of the Amazon rainforest and Amazon river on to our blank map of South America.

amazon rainforest seen from space
rainforest worksheet for kids | rainforest worksheets for elementary school | rainforest worksheets for KS2
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Make a mind map on rainforests

rainforest mindmap activity | rainforest mindmap worksheet
rainforest mind map worksheet

In this rainforest activity, we make a mind map of all we already know about rainforests. This is a good activity to do at the start of the topic to assess pupils' prior knowledge. It comes in the different versions you see above.

rainforest worksheet for kids | rainforest worksheets for elementary school | rainforest worksheets for KS1

Rainforest vocabulary

rain forest vocabulary worksheet

This A-Z activity asks pupils to build up their rainforest words. It comes complete with teacher notes and answers.

rainforest worksheets for ks1
rainforest word search

This rainforest word search helps you to build up your rainforest vocabulary.

rainforest word search
rainforest animals worksheet

This rainforest word search looks at the animals that live in the rainforest.

rainforest worksheet for ks2

Save the rainforest worksheet

Design a t-shirt

In this activity, you are asked to design a t-shirt that would encourage people to save the rainforest. It is important to think of a catchy slogan and also include simple but powerful 

rainforest conservation worksheet


images that help portray the need to save the rainforests.

rainforest word search

Make a rainforest diorama

Rainforest project - Make a model of a rainforest in a box. An old shoe box works perfectly. 



rainforest animals worksheet

Here we look at what animals have, what they eat and what they can do. general knowledge, observation, and some access to the internet or reference books would be helpful.

Rainforests under attack

chopping down the rainforests worksheet

This activity uses the observe, infer , predict format and it helps if there is already some understanding around the issues of deforestation before completing this activity. 

If you like our free worksheets, why not buy the whole pack?

In our whole pack, you will find lesson plans worksheets and answers to help you teach all about the rainforests. In our full pack, there are:

* 12 worksheets

* 4 lesson plans

* a full answer key

You can buy from our website for £4 or from the teachers pay teachers website for $5

3d geography answers
3d geography answers
20 Rainforest words and
11 pictures for use in class displays and word walls.
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The best of the rest - Free rainforest worksheets from all around the web

These Australian worksheets are high quality. There are 11 to download and use today. 

These rainforest worksheets come from the living rainforest organisation and there are 6 pages of activities for you to use. 

rainforest worksheet for kids | layers of the rainforest worksheet

Action Aid Rainforest packs

rainforest activities

The charity Action Aid have brought out, new for 2014, their new resources for schools and they are clearly very good. They come in two 

age ranges, this one being aimed at pupils aged 6-7 (Key Stage 1).  The second of the two downloads has a wonderful photo pack in it.

rainforest resources
rainforest resources

This second set of resources is aimed at pupils aged 7-11 years old (Key stage 2) and has a great photo pack. They are free to use in schools and at home. 

These rainforest resources come from Action Aid and they are packed with wonderful activities and resources for the busy teacher.  

Action Aid Rainforest packs

rainforest resources
rainforest photo pack
rainforest worksheets | rainforest animals worksheet
rainforest activities
rainforest resources

Edinburgh Zoo rainforest worksheets

rainforest worksheets

Edinburgh Zoo have put together some wonderfully child friendly resources on the rainforest and these can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Click here to see more of their teaching resources on animals.

rainforest worksheets
layers of the rainforest worksheet | rainforest worksheet
rainforest activities


Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
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