Comprehensive list of map skills learning objectives for pupils aged 7-11 (and additional activities for pupils aged 5-16)

Activity pages with answer keys
• Using aerial photographs to make maps
• following routes on maps
• Identifying map symbols
• Showing direction on a map (UK / USA / Japan / Australia versions)
• Using an atlas (or online map) to identify key geographical features
• creating a map of an imaginary area
• Identifying and naming major rivers (World / UK / India / Canada versions)
• Using alpha-numeric grid references (Mexico version)
• Identify features on an aerial photo from a map of the same area
• Name the continents 
• Self assessment (aged 7-9)
• Depict a globe as a flat surface
• Longitude and latitude
• Four figure grid references (Canada version)
• Make a 3D map (complete with 4 templates)
• Describing landscapes using geographical vocabulary
• Drawing field sketches
• Mark on a map - EU country
• Identify a country from its outline
• Make a cross section of a map - Basic

• Make a cross section of a map - Advanced (Greenland ice cap)
• Make a choropleth map (Indian rainfall)

34 Map skills activities

  • Zip file

  • 118 pages