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We purposely set out to design Geoography worksheets and activities that are both visually appealing to pupils and effective learning tools for teachers. This comprehensive set of 40 activities covers map skills for all pupils aged 7-11. It comes complete with answer keys to speed up your day.


Activities covered in these pages are:

• marking information on a map

• interpreting aerial photographs

• following routes on maps

• using alpha-numeric grid references (using map of Mexico)

• Identifying map symbols

• Showing direction on a map (UK / USA / Japan / Australia versions)

• Using an atlas (or online map) to identify key geographical features

• creating a map of an imaginary area

• Identifying and naming major rivers (World / UK / India / Canada versions)

• Identifying world's largest islands on a map

• Identify features on an aerial photo from a map of the same area

• Identifying the continents

• Identifying countries from their outlines

• Self assessment (aged 7-9)

• Depict a globe as a flat surface

• Using Longitude and latitude

• Four figure grid references (Canada version)

• Six figure grid references

• Make a 3D map (complete with 4 templates)

• Describing landscapes using geographical vocabulary

• Drawing field sketches

• Drawing a pictorial map

• Mark on a map - EU country

• Make a cross section of a map

• Make a choropleth map (Indian rainfall)

• Self-assessment (aged 9-11)

40 Map skills activities

  • Zip file

  • 165 pages

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