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Use pictures of oceans to help you make your diorama look authentic.

Making an ocean diorama is a fun way to learn about life in the oceans. You could give your diorama of the ocean an animal theme like a dolphin diorama or a sea turtle diorama. Or you could focus on the ocean floor and all the colourful corals and fish that you might see there. Don't forget to have a think about what might be going on the ocean surface as well. 
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Sea turtle diorama

ocean diorama | ocean shoebox diorama | ocean diorama for kids

Making ocean floor dioramas is a fun way of learning all about the Great Barrier Reef or ocean habitats that surround our coastlines. They can be made at home as a school project or in school as a creative way to demonstrate learning.

Dolphin dioramas 

sea diorama ideas | underwater diorama

Having dolphins jump out of the box and back into it is a great way to bring the toy dolphins to life. If you haven't got any toy dolphins to use in your diorama, they you can draw them on card and cut them out and it this looks effective too.

marine diorama

Ocean Dioramas 

  • Ocean dioramas are often made from an old shoe box to start with. They can be painted blue and have sand placed in them to represent the sea. 

  • Another method is by finding a picture of an underwater scene and printing that off to stick to the back of your shoe box. This will form the background. 

  • Secondly, you need to think about which animals and plants you wish to make models of to add into your diorama. 

What animals will you put in your diorama?

Under the sea dioramas 

You can place seaweed, stones, shells, rocks and plenty of fish in your diorama. 

You can get your fish to hang on strings or stand on drinking straws.

Ocean diorama printable backgrounds

ocean diorama ideas
ocean shoebox project
ocean diorama project
ocean project for school
rainforest worksheets for ks1

These ocean diorama backgrounds are free to download and print off today. So that you have a high quality image, the file size is 6MB so it might take a little longer to download than normal. There are four different styles to choose from. 

Ocean dioramas 

This ocean diorama certainly wins points for creativity. We love the way the waves have been created. 

Handy tip:  blue shiny paper helps make your diorama

                                    more eye-catching. 

Handy tip:  go to your local fish tank supplies shop and buy

                                    some plastic plants to go in your diorama.

This ocean diorama has got to be the best one that we have seen. The level of detail and quality of the model is excellent.


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