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What does an erupting volcano look like?


An eruption in Iceland in the summer of 2022 draws tourists from all around to see it. 

How fast can lava flow?


Fast moving lava forms low, wide volcanoes. Slow moving lava forms tall, steep sisded volcanoes. How would you outrun this?

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy
Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

What is plate tectonics theory?


This video offers an introduction into plate tectonics theory and explains the difference between the different types of plate boundary.

What are the different plate boundaries called?


Some plate boundaries collide into each other whilst others diverge away from each other. This video illustrates the ways in which plate boundaries interact with each other and gives each plate bondary type a name.

Click on the picture above to take you to the video clip.

Geologists collecting rock samples


How do you collect samples of lava for analysis?

How close can tourists get?


How close can you get to an eruption depends on the size of the eruption. 

Going inside a volcano.


Geologists need specialist clothing to go anywhere close to an eruption. 

An example of pyroclastic flows


Scientists running away from a pyrocl;astic flow on Mount Unzen, Japan. 

What are lahars?


Lahars is a term that refers to the devastating mudslides that can occur in an eruption. This video illustrates this further.

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What are the effects of eruptions?


Climate change is influenced by volcanic activity and this video illustrates the way that this process takes place.

Click on the picture above to take you to the video.

These videos have been selected to help with learning all about volcanoes and plate tectonics. They are all aimed at answering different volcano questions and they make a good starting point when wanting to learn all about the geography topic of volcanoes. Professionally made by the BBC and free to use without registration, they offer a wonderfully visual way to bring learning alive.


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