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All the vocabulary that you are likely to encounter when studying the geography topic of settlements. Complete with the correct geography definition.

Settlement vocabulary

brownfield site

business park





– how easy a place is to get to
- disused or derelict urban land which is available for redevelopment
- a development of offices and industrial units
- a road built round a town to avoid traffic congestion
- Central Business District. The commercial and business centre of a town, with highest land values
– overcrowding on roads causing traffic jams


settlement words with all their definitions | settlement geography vocabulary
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dispersed settlement

greenfield site


high order settlement

Inner city


– several homes spread out over a wide area
- the main activities or purpose of a settlement. E.g residential, industrial, commercial and recreational
- land which has not been built on before
- a ranking of settlements according to their size or importance
- a settlement which contains top level shops and services
– an area of factories and old houses next to the city centre.

settlement words with all their definitions | settlement geography vocabulary
land use

Linear settlement

low order settlement

- the way in which land is put to use by people. Examples could include housing, industry and farming.
– a long and narrow settlement with buildings spread out in a line beside a main road, railway or river.
- a settlement which contains few basic shops and services

settlement words with all their definitions | settlement geography vocabulary
nucleated settlement
Public transport

- the place where goods are sold
– buildings that clustered close together
– how things like settlements are spread out over an area of land
– transport provided to the public and available to everyone, e.g. buses and trains
- selling products to the public

ribbon developments

science park
service industry

settlement pattern
shopping malls

– settlements that have a long narrow shape beside a road or a river
- relating to the countryside
- a development of high-tech industries close to a university
- work such as retail, administration, education, healthcare or tourism
- the shape and spacing of settlements
- a place where people live
– shopping areas that are characterized by being undercover and having ample free parking.

Settlement words with all their definitions | settlement geography vocabulary

urban model

- the exact location of where a settlement first started
- the location of a settlement in relation to the surrounding area
- the residential and commercial development at the edge of a city
- relating to a town or city
– the pattern of land use in a town
- the increase in the percentage of people living in cities


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