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All the volcano resources in one handy bundle.

This teaching resources pack helps you fully prepare for teaching all about volcanoes. Included in this bundle you will find:
- A unit plan. Complete with 21 key questions, learning objectives and suggested teaching activities. 
- 18 Volcano worksheets. All from the 3D Geography website. 18 printable activities that are well designed and child friendly. Comes complete with answer key 
- 1 Volcano quiz complete with answer key 
- 8 Volcano class display pictures and 20 volcano words for word walls
- 4 Volcano PowerPoints to help teaching in the lesson, complete with teaching notes.

All items available individually if desired. This is one of our biggest sellers. This pack saves 30% on the list price of each item included. Everyone loves teaching about volcanoes!

Volcano teaching pack

  • Zip File

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