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In this lesson, we first look at the different types of volcanic eruption that can take place and we note the difference between some eruptions that are violent and some that are less destructive. 

We then go on to look at the difference between primary and secondary effects of a volcanic eruption.

Then, we go through a list of effects that took place after the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull and the pupils have to write the newspaper headlines for each effect.

They also have to decide whether each effect is primary or secondary. 

There is an extension activity looking at writing an essay style question on the effects of a volcanic eruption.

the worksheet comes complete with success criteria and peer feedback sheets which can be used if desired. 

The lesson comes complete with worksheet, answers, PowerPint, teacher notes, success criteria and peer feedback. 

And all for £3.00! A bargain!

Volcano complete lesson 4 - The effects of volcanic eruptions

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