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Mountain activity pack

In this pack, you will find activity sheets to support 10 different activities, all helping to learn about the mountain environment. These are:

* developing mountain vocabulary.

* Looking at life in the mountains - two viewpoints.

* Mountains crossword.

* An A-Z of mountains.

* Locating mountain ranges on maps.

* Describing the mountain environment.

* Drawing mountain cross-sections.

* Endangered mountain animals.

* Glaciers

It also has:

* The templates to make 4 different mountain formations - hill, knoll, plateau, ridge.

* Mountain themed lined paper.

* Mountain themed groups names.

* Success criteria for two of the activities.

Mountain posters and words for class display

These high quality pictures can be printed up to A3 in size without any loss of quality. In this resource, there are 8 mountain pictures and 20 mountain words for you to print off, laminate and use in your classroom today.


Mountain ranges on a map (complete lesson)

This complete lesson comes with activity worksheets and PowerPoint and is ready to use straight away.

It looks at using online mapping tools like google maps to identify different mountain ranges on a map of Europe and on a map of the UK.

It comes complete with:

  • Activity sheets
  • PowerPoint
  • Success criteria


Mountains - glaciers (complete lesson)

  • This lesson looks starts off with a quick video from YouTube explaining what glaciers are.
  • The lesson goes on to examine what is happening to glaciers around the world (shrinking) and what some of the reasons for this are.
  • The pupils are set the task to create a Slides / PowerPoint presentation all about glaciers with an activity sheet provided to help pupils structure their work.
  • Pupils have to research into ways in which they can reduce their CO2 footprint and they share these with the class in a discussion.
  • There is a plenary activity and some success criteria for teachers that like to use them.

This lesson comes complete with:

  • Activity sheet
  • PowerPoint
  • Teacher notes
  • Success criteria for the pupils.
  • plenary activity

Mountains teaching pack

  • Zip file

  • 73 MB

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