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10 worksheets for use in schools

These worksheets help you to learn all about the geography of India. They are colourful and well designed. There are 10 geography activities included here all about India including: 
* Indian climate, 
* Indian cities,
* Travelling to India, 
* Indian rivers,
* India fact file 
* Choropleth maps
* Indian endangered animals
* Video comprehension
* Indian flag


13 posters for class display

These high quality pictures of India are A3 in size. Colourful and child friendly, they make an excellent way to create a word rich and interesting classroom environment. Complete with questions, they show India in a modern and positive light.


13 maps of India for use in schools

This booklet contains 13 different maps of India, all in a child friendly style. They make the perfect tool to help you in your studies when teaching and learning all about India. There are: 
Blank maps, outline maps, maps of the states of India, maps of Indian cities. 
There are also thematic maps including the climatic regions of India, the population density map of India and maps highlighting the rivers of India.

All about India - Teaching resources

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