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A comprehensive range of volcano worksheets to support 18 different volcano activities to help learning all about volcanoes. They come complete with a detailed answer key. The activities look at: 

* Locating volcanoes using latitude and longitude, 
* Looking inside our earth,
* Identifying parts of a volcano, 
* Making a volcano model,
* Types of volcano 
* Compare and contrast
* Building up volcano vocabulary, 
* Creating an A-Z of volcano words
* What happens in a volcanic eruption? 
* Volcano video comprehension
* Volcano word search 
* Volcano crossword

Also included is a comprehensive list of volcano learning objectives to help you with your planning.

This worksheet pack is also available in a bundle with earthquake worksheets saving 25% on both packs. 
Or, it can be bought as part of a volcano teaching pack complete with PowerPoints, assessment and class displays.

18 Volcano activities, with answer key.

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