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Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Coastal features - formation of a bar

Formation of a bar

Coastal features

Sea cliff and platform formation

Longshore transport

Geography topics for you to learn and enjoy

Amazing cliff collapse caught on camera

White cliffs of Dover collapse into the sea

Coastal erosion and landforms


This coast video explains the causes of coastal erosion and goes on to explain the features that arise as a result.

Depositional coastlines


This video takes a look at longshire drift and explains the landscape formations that can be created by this process as a result.

Old Harry Rocks, Dorset


A look at the landforms that are created along coastlines with a focus on one particular example taken from the South coast of England. 

Erosional coastlines


This video clip explains the three main processes of coastal erosion.


These videos help to explain the geography topic of coasts. They are colourful and simplistically designed to help explain how the features of coasts are formed. Easy to understand, watching these videos gives a great way to learn more about coasts and there are some eye catching videos on coast collapse as well to help capture the power of coast formation.
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