Making a volcano model is one of the most popular activities set in school and despite everyone being set the same task, the variety of models produced is a testament to the creativity of young learners today. We have collated a range of images of volcano models to inspire you. Plus you can find templates of volcano models that you can print off and make at home. Why not make a volcano model today!

Geography model - Make a model volcano

This teaching idea has been a favourite for many years. Indeed, Westminster School in London asked all their Year 9 and Year 10 pupils what they liked about their Geography lessons prior to joining them at Westminster School and the favourite activity listed was making models of volcanoes. This lesson idea is not a new one but its popularity and effectiveness as a learning tool endures. 

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3D Volcano model that opens up to see inside.

This volcano model comes from Japan and it has to rate as the best paper template we have seen here at We love this template and despite it being a slightly tricky one to make, we think the finished geography model is amazing. If you click on the photo, it will take you to Canon's website full of other interesting templates that you can make. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from us. Click on the link below to download the template. 



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Recent 3D Volcano model - Eyjafjallajökull.

Two great institutions came together for these models. First, the British Geological survey made accurate 3D model templates of the  recently erupted volcano in Iceland. Then, Blue Peter, the world's longest running Children's TV show told everyone how to make them. You can watch the video clip on how to make the volcano models by following the links on the BGS website. 


Visit the BGS website here:

British Geological Survey 

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A volcano


Free to download.

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image above.

3D Volcano model complete with templates.

There are two volcano models to make here and both of them come courtesy of the Australian Geological Survey. The templates, which you can download by clicking on the pictures, or the links below, come complete with instructions on the template on how to make the volcano models.


Download volcano models here:
Paper template - in colour

Paper template - in black and white

Download slump model here:

Slump Model Paper template - in colour.


Visit the website here:  Make a volcano model 

A volcano

word search 

Free to download.

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image above.

Volcano model

Plate boundary

Volcano models often focus on the volcano naturally but we like this model as it looks at the causes of volcanoes and concentrates on the plate boundary. In wonderful colour and easy to understand, click on the image to visit the educational blog it came from.

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volcano for kids
volcano images for  kids

Volcano pictures

Geography images | volcano pictures | volcano erupting

This volcano picture helps portray the sheer raw power and excitement that is created by volcanoes. For more images, follow the link below to our collection of volcano images. 

volcano pictures for kids
What is a volcano? Volcano models Volcano images Volcano diagrams Volcano Worksheets Volcano facts Volcano videos Awe and wonder pictures Volcanic words
What is a volcano? Volcano facts Volcano images Volcano diagrams Volcanic words Volcano Worksheets


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