Fun ideas to help with learning about Geography. Use our free paper templates for making Geography models. Plus we have packed lots of Geography information and free teaching resources in this website to help make learning Geography fun.

make a geography model | geography for kids | make a globe
make a geography model | geography for kids | make a globe

All you need to make a globe and a wide variety of globes to make as well. From colour globes to square globes and life like globes. You will find everything you need to make a globe.

Making models is a great way for learning about Geography. There are a variety of different Geography model ideas here for you to make. Why not have a look and make a model today. 

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Globe templates free to download
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Volcano videos

River images

There often comes a need when studying geography that you need a blank map of a particular area.  Search no further as we have a range of blank maps which you can use in school or at home.

Coast images Volcano pictures Glacier images Climate change Japan images Images of the UK Images of India Kenyan animals Flags of the World

This model of a river basin pops up from your exercise book and it has spaces to label the main features.

Make a geography model today | make a volcano model | geography project

We have a wide range of 3D model animals that you can make ranging in difficulty from the easy to the fiendishly difficult. Why not make an animal today?

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Volcano Rivers Map skills Kenya

We have paper templates for making a wide variety of geography models including river valleys, volcanoes, globes and popup geography models. 

Making a model in a shoe box is a great way to learn about and understand the different parts of a rainforest for example.  

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Rainforests Environment Population Weather Settlement

These pupils had to research a topic and present their information in a poster. How do you think they did?

We have a wide range of colourful child-friendly geography worksheets that are free to print off and use at home or in school.

Colourful and well designed, these word searches are fun to complete and a great way to learn new vocabulary.

Will you make a rain gauge? Or an anemometer? And will it work?

These population pyramids give a visual way to understand population issues.

There are lots of 3D map ideas for you to print off and make today.

These flag quizzes are colourful and fun and we have a range of quizzes for you to download for free.

We have the flags of 20 countries for you to print and make flag bunting from today.

These flags are blank for you to print off and colour in.

geography images | geography diagrams

Want to find out more? We have put together geography facts, images, diagrams information and more for you to enjoy learning all about the following topics. Click on the image to below to find out more.

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